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Sarasota, FL: City of Sarasota property owners will receive an additional discount on flood insurance effective immediately as a result of City staff working closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help reduce those costs. Property owners will now receive an additional five percent off their premiums. “This is excellent news,” said Tim Litchet, Director of Neighborhood and Development Services. “This means we’re doing a great job administering the floodplain regulations, and because of our efforts the citizens get a discount off their flood insurance policies.” In total, property owners in a Special Flood Hazard Area will now receive a 20 percent reduction on flood insurance due to the City’s participation in a FEMA program. The discount is set for the next five years.

FEMA administers the National Flood Insurance Program which offers reasonably priced flood insurance in communities which comply with minimum standards for floodplain management. Based on a point system, called the Community Rating System, a community which goes beyond the set minimum standards can earn discounts on flood insurance premiums. Discounts range from five percent to 45 percent. Every five years, a community is eligible to have its rating reviewed and possibly upgraded.

The Community Rating System grants points in four different areas: public information, mapping and regulations, flood damage reduction and flood preparedness. Depending upon the number of points earned, a community is placed into one of ten classes. Class 10 receives no discount and Class 1 receives the highest discount – 45 percent. Each class is separated by increments of five percent.

The City of Sarasota moved from Class 7 to Class 6, saving property owners an extra 5 percent over their current flood insurance premium. “We can’t point at one item as to why the City moved up,” said Buster Chapin, Senior Zoning Analyst and staff point person with the project. “We received points for a lot of things: including floodplain information in utility bills, flood preparedness, and elevation certificates for buildings. We also were awarded points for publicizing that we have flood information available.” The City earned enough additional points to move into Class 6 for a total reduction of 20 percent on premiums. The rate changes will remain in effect for five years.

For more information contact Buster Chapin, Senior Zoning Analyst: 941-365-2200 ext. 4444.


For more information, please contact:
Jan Thornburg, Public Information Officer (941) 954-2613