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North Sarasota - Newtown

Newtown is the second historic core of Sarasota’s African-American community. From the initial development in 1914, Newtown has experienced and witnessed the turn of many life-changing events for decades. From the early years of segregation to the fight for equality, our community is committed to transforming the past struggle into a prosperous future, lost dreams into renewed hope, broken families into mended relationships and saddened hearts into joyful spirits. This is a new beginning for Newtown.

The history of Newtown...

Vice-Mayor Willie Shaw
Commissioner - District 1
Phone: (941) 954-4115

Contact Us

Newtown Redevelopment Office
1782 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Sarasota, FL 34234

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges and the Sarasota County School Board listings...


Newtown Redevelopment Area

The overall goal is to promote local initiatives to stimulate and incentivize downtown and neighborhood/community revitalization by maximizing opportunities for private enterprises/investors to participate in the redevelopment of the designated areas.


Enterprise Zone - mini logo
Enterprise Zone

An Enterprise Zone, designated by the state of Florida, is a specific geographic area targeted for economic revitalization. Enterprise Zones encourage economic growth and investment to businesses and property owners by offering tax advantages and incentives to encourage private investment and employment opportunities for the residents of the zone.



Overlay Districts

In the Newtown and North trail area of Sarasota there are 4 Overlay Districts; Enterprise Zone, Newtown CRA, Newtown Front Porch Community and HUBZone. Each district is designed to revitalize or redevelop the area and create a better Quality of Life for its residents.



Newtown & City Calendar

Check out Newtown meetings, workshops and events, as well as, other City of Sarasota happenings. Check out the News Release on the Van Wezel Ticket Giveaway this Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009 at noon.


The North Sarasota Workforce Initiative represents a strategic alliance among the City, County, Sarasota School Board, Sarasota Housing Authority, Suncoast Workforce, construction companies, and the community. The goal is to work together to improve economic development and quality of life throughout the Newtown-North Sarasota community by creating job and training opportunities for local area residents.

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USF Tampa Newtown Environmental Studies Report

Final Report