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The City Commission has approved changes to solid waste services that went into into effect September 1, 2010. The City of Sarasota provides solid waste services, with the help of private contractors, within the city limits. Recycling is mandatory in the City of Sarasota for Residents and Businesses - view the ordinance here. Services include the following:

The major change is that garbage will be picked up curbside once per week instead of twice per week.
  • The average Sarasota resident generates about 3.5 pounds of solid waste every day, nearly half of which is recyclable.
  • By switching to once a week garbage collection, we will use 3,760 fewer gallons of fuels and reduce CO2 emissions by 40 tons per year.

Get the Nuts & Bolts of the changes with this Solid Waste PSA
Watch the latest City Focus episode about Solid Waste changes

Map of the City color-coded to show your which day is your once-a-week day.
Interactive GIS map of the City - Search by address to find your once-a-week day.
*NOTE: To use the map: CLICK the link above
On the map CLICK the + sign next to "Map Layers"
Find the "Refuse Layer"
CLICK the + sign to display a legend for that layer
CLICK the box next to Refuse to reveal the color-coded map layer.
CLICK the "Search by..." menu selection and Select "Address"
Type in your address, ie; 1565 1st St.;
CLICK "Find", a Push Pin will appear on the map showing which once-a-week day serves that address.
Close to a boundary? CLICK the "magnifing glass" with the + sign
DOUBLE-CLICK the Push Pin until you can clearly see what the once-a-week day is for that address.

In addition, the City will have a new contractor, Waste Management (941) 753-7591, for collection of recyclable materials, yard waste, and special wastes. Garbage, recyclables, and yard waste will be collected on the same day of the week, although the day of collection will change for some residents. (See the map links above) Any special wastes (as defined above) that cannot be picked up on a regular collection route will be picked up within 48 hours after placement curbside. Residential solid waste customer rates are also being reduced by $3.00 per month.