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Free Compost and Mulch
Composting is a great way to reuse yard waste and reduce household waste, while creating a natural fertilizer for your garden. We want your garden to thrive and to require less water in the process. The county is offering free compost and mulch to residents at five county park locations. Compost is a valuable soil amendment while mulch protects root systems, thus requiring less watering. The "garden gold" is processed from yard waste picked up in the curbside collection program.Available to residential users only, the compost and mulch is obtainable during regular park hours at designated co post bunkers within the parks. Bring your own containers, shovel, and if needed, a tarp to cover your load to prevent littering. Please take only what you need and do not bring yard waste to this site for disposal.

Park locations are:

Butler Park - 6205 West Price Boulevard, North Port (941) 316-1172
Laurel park - 509 Collins Road, Laurel (941) 486-2753
Longwood Park - 6050 Longwood Blvd, Sarasota (941) 316-1383
Nokomis Community Park - 234 Nippino Trail, Nokomis (941) 486-2595
Shamrock Park - 3900 West Shamrock Drive, Venice (941) 486-2706

Free compost and mulch is also available at the Bee Ridge Landfill and the Central County Landfill (941) 861-5000

Bulk Sales at Central County Landfill, contact Veolia Environmental (941) 486-0085
Should you have any questions about the composting or if you need to reach the UF/IFAS Sarasota County Extension, please contact the Horticulture Help Desk
Phone: (941) 861-9807, FAX (941) 861-9886

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